2 Arborists Carefully Save Hundreds of Cats From Trees

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While wearing GoPros, these two arborists safely retrieve meowing kitty cats who have ventured too far up into a tree to get down. Popular YouTube channel Great Big Story featured the cat loving duo named Tom Otto and Shaun Sears who also happen to be brother-in-laws. They work off of donations to keep rescuing cats in need of a hand in Seattle, and in the Northwest, there are plenty of super tall trees for cats to manage to get stuck in. (not affiliated with Otto and Sears) explains that cats get trapped up in trees because they may not realize that the best way to get down is by backing down. Cats’ claws are curved in a way that makes getting up trees natural and easy for them. But once they’re up at a frightening height and try to go back down head first, they’ll freeze, realizing they’re risking a fall. Some cats will pick up on what to do, and it can look rather awkward as they make their way down (as seen in this video.)

In the video below, you’ll see some relieved pets and families as Otto and Sears bring their furry friends back down to Earth in a little cat bag so the cat can’t claw their way down the arborists’ backs and leap onto the ground. It’s silly looking, but it keeps everyone safe!

If you want to see more of Otto and Sears, check out The Canopy Cat Rescue team on Animal Planet.