Architect Applies Skills to Elaborate Cookie Designs

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With 32.2K followers, Instagram’s @thecookiearchitect is a popular and deservedly admired account full of tasty treats and morsels from the cookie artist’s life.

Rebecca Weld states in her profile that, “I’m an architect at my firm Renew Architecture & Design. I’m a mom and a cookie crazy girl.” In only two sentences you know that this is one multifaceted person.


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Weld decorates cookies in such a detail-oriented way, that once you know she’s an architect, you can’t help but notice her professional eye for lines and design shining through.

Throw it way back Thursday. #mightalsobemargaritathursday

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She plays with layering, color schemes, and completely unique compositions and sizes. It is impossible to predict what she will come up with next!

Easter cookies from a few years ago. It's on 20 degree days like this that I like to pretend it's a warm Spring day. ????

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Along with her cookies, she shares bits of her life so you can see where she pulls inspiration from and how she spends her time outside of making glorious cookies.

These cookies are truly the perfect example of “too pretty to eat.”

To see The Cookie Architect’s future creations, follow her on Instagram. You will definitely want to check out her account around any holidays to see what designs she has dreamt up or adapted from traditional designs.

Summertime! The architect's busy season. But a girl can dream! #renewarchitecture #adirondackdreaming @adkmuseum

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