The Top 3 Coffee Shops in Texas

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While coffee has always been one of the world’s most valuable industries, in recent years there has been a jump in coffee culture. So the Texas Country Reporter asked its viewers for the three best coffee shops in Texas, and these are their selections.

Coming into third place for the best coffee shop in Texas is Boomtown Coffee in Houston. The shop was voted third for a variety of reasons, but the most interesting fact about the shop is that it has its own crop-to-cup program that benefits farmers around the world. Varieties from Kenya, Colombia, Guatemala, and more brace the shelves of Boomtown.

The second selection for the best coffee shop is Vintage Heart Coffee in Austin, which you’ve probably seen if you’ve visited the Texas State Cemetery since it’s right across the street. The locally roasted beans and knowledgeable baristas are able to direct any customer to their perfect cup of joe.

Finally, the winner of the best coffee shop in Texas goes to Port Aransas‘ Coffee Waves where there are 90 different flavors of gelato made in-house and live music can be heard every weekend of the year. Besides, everyone knows coffee just tastes better when you can have your morning fix overlooking the water.