Arlington Officer Buys Struggling Mom New Car Seats

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Arlington mom Alexis Jones has been busy trying to improve the lives of her children along with her own by taking on a new job and moving to a new apartment. She didn’t have the extra money to buy adequate car seats for her 9 month old and 3 year old, so the family was having to make do with ones that weren’t very functional. Suddenly, she noticed a police car right behind her with its lights flashing. CBS 11 reports that she was pulled over due to outstanding traffic violations but what the police officer did after the stop was rather extraordinary.

Officer Brandon Gilbert didn’t like seeing the children not properly strapped in, but he told Fox 4 that he knew “taking enforcement action [was] not gonna help her.” He decided to take the situation in a completely different direction. Gilbert figured out quickly what would help Jones more than anything. He bought her two new car seats with his own money (along with some stuffed animals for the kids) and even came over to her house to install them.

“I just feel so much better every time I drive my car,” Jones said. Gilbert replied, “This is why I became a police officer. Because, ultimately, I wanted to help people.”