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Army Mom Finds Photo Frame With Another Soldier in It, Searches for Original Owners

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While shopping at The Treasure Chest thrift store, Shandrew Sproles of Irving, Texas discovered a photo of a soldier in a picture frame. She bought the piece with a vow to find who the photo belongs to, despite the fact that there are no identifying markings on the frame or photo.

“I know he belongs to somebody, and I just want him back home,” Sproles explained to CBS DFW. She’s very adamant about finding the photo’s rightful owners since she’s a mother of two Army service members. Her daughter is in basic training, and her son enlisted, as well. In fact, she was looking for a photo frame in the thrift store to hold her son’s Army photo when she came across the treasure she assumes was misplaced.

“I mean my fear is that he might have passed on, but I’m hoping that he has not. But if he has I know that this photo and frame would definitely bring the family comfort,” she said, thinking of the man in the photo’s loved ones.

So far, the story has 418 shares on Facebook. Hopefully, as the news story spreads, someone will come forward that recognizes the soldier in the photo. A clear depiction of the photograph can be seen here.