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Arrests Have Been Made in Texas Concerning Creepy Clown ‘Pranks’

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Across the United States, people have been posing as creepy clowns online and in reality. Now, the scary trend has resulted in real-life consequences in Texas. What seems to have started as a mean-spirited online prank has evolved into an out of hand phenomenon. Schools have closed due to in-person and online threats, and arrests have been made. The incidents keep piling up.

Someone posting behind a clown persona on social media threatened many Houston and Humble area schools. They posted a hit list on an Instagram page, calling themselves Loco the Clown.

Chron.com stated that a 14-year-old student has already been charged with making terroristic threats toward an HISD school, though all of the details have not been released yet.

Click2Houston.com reported that two men were found wearing clown masks, wielding tree limbs and chasing people in a Baytown park. Police caught one of the “clowns,” while the other ran away.

KXAN relayed information about a 6-foot tall attacker on Texas State University campus who was wearing a black and white clown outfit. The assault took place around 6 p.m. near student housing, and while no one was hurt, the situation is alarming for students.

Nine Austin area schools have received threats from people posing as clowns on social media. According to KXAN, the schools have increased their security as a response.

Hopefully, people will lose interest in perpetuating this ridiculous and dangerous trend soon.