Artist Curated the First Art Exhibit Just for Dogs

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Dominic Wilcox is a British artist and inventor. He recently completed one of the strangest conceptual projects in his accomplished portfolio — an art exhibition just for dogs!

The idea was dreamt up by More Than, a company that provides insurance for pets, homes, and cars. More Than developed a campaign called #PlayMore that encourages pet owners to play with their pets more often. They hope to increase the mental and physical health of pets everywhere, along with bettering the bond between pet and owner.

The exhibition includes artwork lined along the bottom of the gallery walls so the dogs can walk by and check out the art. According to the More Than YouTube page, these “paintings and drawings [are] created in a dog’s color spectrum.” Wilcox also installed a giant dog bowl with dog food-like balls next to water bowls with leaping fountains of water.

Despite the fact that the dogs can play in the water and toss little balls around, the gallery looks pristine and sophisticated! The playful pups actually look like they are pondering the artwork, and they definitely seem like they’re having a great time in an unlikely place.

Watch the video below to experience the unique art show for yourself.