Artist Draws As Children Describe What They Think God Might Look Like

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Last week, WatchCut Video posted “Kids Describe God to an Illustrator” on YouTube, and it’s already on the way to gaining 4 million views. In the 5-minute video, freelance Seattle illustrator Koji Minami is able to completely capture what the kids are thinking by drawing their descriptions as they come up with them. His sweet demeanor encourages the children to let their imaginations flow.

The kids who were cast to star in the video vary between religious and non-religious, and they all have different ideas of what they want to see manifest on paper as a depiction of God. Although the results aren’t exactly traditional, the video provides a fascinating insight into what children have picked up from adult descriptions of God. The drawings also give insight into what kind of imagery they think is powerful. Of course, there’s also the possibility that the children lost sight of the original prompt and simply got excited by the artist’s capabilities!

As their minds wander and Minami effortlessly draws exactly what they’re thinking, their creative connection grows and the result is sweet, strange and thought-provoking. If you’re interested in seeing more of Minami’s work after the video, check out his website here.