This Artist Will Fool Your Eyes With His Incredibly Realistic Drawings

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Howard Lee wants to trick you in the most wonderfully artistic way. While watching one of Lee’s YouTube videos or Instagram posts, viewers consider two or more identical objects, but what they’re really seeing is a shockingly realistic drawing alongside its muse.

AJ+ uploaded a video showing some of Lee’s work and discussing his motivations. He says he considers himself an “illusion artist.” Since he aims to reach near-perfect realism, he will work on a drawing for up to 20 hours. He knows he’s completed a project when, for a split second, his brain has to consider whether or not he’s looking at a real three-dimensional object or a drawing. His favorite videos are the ones where he uses a clever to dramatically cut through the real object to prove that the rendering next to it is actually flat.

The lastest video on his channel shows a compilation of work where viewers can play a game of picking which object is real and which is perfectly faked. Lee also shows his process (sped-up, of course) so fans can see his works of art come to life. Watch the video below to see if your eyes are fooled by the imaginative illusions.