Revel in the Art of Hill Country Artist Kathy Kenagy Perales

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It’s no secret that the Hill Country is rich with artists, writers, and musicians. Some you may know, others you might like to meet. Canyon Lake artist Kathy Kenagy Perales is well known throughout the Texas Hill Country. She is a mentor to new artists who cross her path, past president of the Canyon Lake Art Guild and the New Braunfels Art League, and is a tireless supporter of the arts in the Hill Country.

Kathy PeralesPhoto courtesy of K. Kenagy Perales

Kathy began teaching elementary school in the early 70s. She began teaching in Hawaii, and she taught fourth grade for 22 years at North East ISD. After that, she spent the last six years of her career teaching art at Mountain Valley Elementary School. She retired in 1999 after 29 years.

"ANIMAL PLANET" Kathy Perales“ANIMAL PLANET” – Photo courtesy of K. Kenagy Perales

When asked about early influences, Kathy remembers that in the mid-50s, she was given a “paint by number” kit with a picture of Balinese dancers from “The King and I.” She says, “I was not only fascinated by the pictures but also the exotic land of Burma.” Fast forward several years and Kathy recalls smelling oil paint again. “From that time on, I was hooked!”

IMPLICIT FAITH Kathy Perales“IMPLICIT FAITH” – Photo courtesy of K. Kenagy Perales

Kathy works both in watercolor and oils, and occasionally acrylics. The subjects that interest Kathy most are flowers.

"RED-EYES" Kathy Perales“RED EYES” – Photo courtesy of K. Kenagy Perales

She likes to say, “God views unlikely people to serve His purpose. I use unlikely subjects for art.” When pressed for an explanation, Kathy confessed she recently was drawn to draw (no pun intended) the body of a dead Anolis lizard, simply because the position of his body in death was so beautiful.

PLEIN AIRE PAINTER K. PeralesPhoto courtesy of K. Kenagy Perales

Kathy confesses she is not comfortable painting people. “I’m much happier painting outdoors when the weather is pleasant. Her studio is another favorite spot where she looks over her work and occasionally wonders how it got painted. “God works in mysterious ways,” she muses.

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