This Artist Creates One-of-a-Kind Paintings With His Palm

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Russell Powell adds a very personal touch to each of his paintings. Bored Panda writes this first-grade teacher in California has developed his own unique way of producing artwork. Powell first paints a design (usually a portrait) on his palm, then he presses his hand to a canvas before the paint has a chance to dry on his skin. He must work rather quickly, and he can’t loose focus and smudge the piece. Once he stamps his hand to paper, he reveals a beautifully detailed piece with the added symbolism and texture of his handprint.

Powell currently has over 85K followers on his Instagram account. He shows his process in time-lapse videos and gives viewers the satisfaction of watching the transfer of the portraits from his skin to paper.

Bored Panda writes that Powell also “incorporates similar art projects into his classes. Powell has taught at the same school for 14 years and also runs Pangaean Studios.” A new video by the popular website has brought Powell a slew of new fans. Sharing a post on his Facebook page that’s going viral featuring his work he wrote, “10 million+ views….. whoa.. ??.”

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