Artist Uses UV Ink to Create Surprisingly Delicate Hidden Designs

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Tony Maples Photography


This week, George Takei shared a captivating video on Facebook of PeterDraws’ interesting UV ink artwork. Instead of just using traditional black ink, Peter takes a more enigmatic approach to this work by hiding it from the naked eye. These illustrations appear only under a UV or black light, and his line-work is certainly worth the extra effort to see.

The glowing ink reveals hidden worlds of complicated doodles. The drawings can even be masked by written words, and only seen once the light helps the viewer read the shapes in between the lines.

PeterDraws is an interesting character. He has a popular YouTube channel (with over 371K subscribers) and Instagram page (with over 61K followers) where he displays his offbeat work. It’s evident that he isn’t afraid to take on several mediums to capture his doodled universes as he uses objects like colored pencils, inks, a recycled pen made from a milk carton and even his face as a canvas.

In the video below, you can see PeterDraws’s entire UV ink process where he shows the glowing ink cascading down a jar of water before he begins drawing a design. If you’re looking for a shorter introduction to his work, click here.