Astrodome Parking Project Gets the Greenlight at $105M

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The Houston Astrodome is one of only two national treasures located in Texas. This iconic landmark hasn’t been used as a sports venue since 2000, but it housed hurricane Katrina victims in 2005 before it became unfit for occupancy in 2009. Nonetheless, it costs $170,00 a year to keep up.

Since the Astrodome maintains its importance to Houstonians, residents would like to see the space used in some way. Throughout the years, several proposals have suggested ideas on how to use the space. Unfortunately, most of the proposals have been out of reach either financially or logistically.

According to, after all of these years, voters have finally agreed upon a proposal that will aim to eventually “raise the floor of the Astrodome two levels and put 1,400 parking spaces underneath. County officials believe that would make the Dome suitable for festivals or conferences and usher in potential commercial uses [for] the more than 550,000 square feet that surrounds the core.”

This new project will begin with a $10.5 million renovation before entering the parking project that will cost $105 million. The money to pay for it will come from parking and hotel taxes and the county’s general fund.