The Astrodome Gets a Simple Super Bowl Makeover

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The Astrodome, or as some people know it, “the eighth wonder of the world,” hasn’t held an event since 2008. USA Today reports that many people want to see it torn down after an expensive bond in 2013 was voted down to revitalize the venue, yet “it still costs about $170,000 per year in county tax funds to maintain.” But others can’t bare to let the icon go, hoping that someone will dream up the perfect plan for the venue. For a while, people have ignored the Astrodome as its next door neighbor, NRG Stadium, gains all of the attention for its upcoming hosting of the Super Bowl.

Since the Astrodome is so visible from NRG Stadium, it’s in the city’s best interest to make it look as good as possible. KHOU reports that the dome will be lit up in teal around its exterior, allowing it to stand out in a pleasant way other than in the shadow of NRG.

Popular Mechanics reminds readers that even though the Astrodome feels dated now, it was once on the cutting edge. “The dome was the model for all stadiums that came after it, changing the game for how sports stadiums and other huge structures would be built,” they write.

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