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Astros Fans Manage to Toss a Hat Up Several Floors Through Teamwork

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During the Astros victory parade in Houston (which was so momentous that HISD even let kids out of school for it) the spirits of a city going through a rough year were lifted to a state of camaraderie and euphoria. In order to catch sight of the parade that included the Astros players and the famous, well-earned Commissioner’s Trophy, hundreds of Houstonians gathered inside of a parking garage where they could look out from several stories high.

At one point, a woman on an upper floor of the parking garage dropped her hat. Astros fans decided to form their own team and toss the hat back up floor by floor. The crowd roared as the hat eventually made its way back up to its owner.

Thankfully, @AlanEnokian knew to record the happening, and he posted the video to his Twitter account. The post has already received over 178K retweets and 412K likes. Major news outlets like The Washington Post have even picked up the story, writing, “While it’s possible that any group of elated fans may have made a similar effort to save a fellow fan’s hat, Houston’s team spirit is at an all-time high.”

See the memorable moment in the clip below.