AT&T Restores a Voicemail Left by a Woman’s Late Husband

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When Debora Taylor had to purchase a new phone, she was devastated to see that she lost all of her previous voicemails. There was one message in particular that she listened to every day. It was a casual message left to her by her late husband, Hank, before he passed away from cancer. He expressed his love for her, and each day she could play it to hear the warmth in his voice.

“When I get sad, I listen to it and then I remember we had a good life and that he loved me and that I loved him,” Debora told Her husband’s death was rather sudden. Hank, a firefighter with the Jersey Village Fire Department for nearly 19 years, only lived a month after he was diagnosed with small-cell lung carcinoma.

Thankfully, a friend of Debora’s reached out to KPRC/Click2Houston to see if anything could be done about the missing message. The news station contacted AT&T, and they were able to uncover the lost voicemail and get it back to Debora. Since Hank’s death a year and a half ago, the message has helped her through her own battle with cancer. (She is now in remission.)

“Don’t know what time I’ll be home, catch you later, love you bye,” the simple, but now powerful, voicemail says.