Austin Will Host Exciting $100K Art Prize Every Two Years

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Tony Maples Photography


The Contemporary Austin (a major art museum in Austin with a downtown and west location) announced that they will host the Suzanne Deal Booth Art Prize. This prize is worth $100,000 and any artist at any stage of their career is eligible. The noteworthy prize will be awarded biennially (once every two years). The winning artist will also receive a solo exhibition with a published catalog.

The Suzanne Deal Booth Art Prize is a big milestone in Austin’s art world, which is often overshadowed by the music and food scene. Deal Booth told the Statesman, “It’s a nice jolt, a breath of fresh air — a way to bring new attention to the city. Austin needed some fresh spotlighting. And I like highlighting things that people don’t always expect of a place.”

Austinites can expect the first recipient to be announced this fall with the introductory exhibition to follow in 2018. The committee who decides the wi will evolve after each winner is named and will feature American art historians and curators.

Since there are no stipulations on who can receive the award, the possibilities of artistic medium and content are limitless. Any artist will be able to fully realize their passion with the help of this prize. Like Deal Booth said, “By putting an emphasis on the artist it creates something very stimulating, very fresh that people can connect with.”