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Texans Petition to Exile Writer That Claimed Austin Home of Breakfast Tacos

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From barbecue to kolaches, there many sacred food groups for Texans, but nothing really compares to breakfast tacos. That’s why the good people of San Antonio have begun a petition to exile writer Matthew Sedacca after he proclaimed that Austin was birthplace of the breakfast taco.

In a recent article published by AustinEater, Matthew Sedaca proclaimed, with vigor, that Austin was by-far the home and birthplace of the breakfast taco. Now, San Antonio has seen quite a few things stolen by Austinites over the years, but they drew the line at breakfast tacos.

The petition, launched on Change, is called, “Exile Matthew Sedacca from Texas for Taco Negligence”. The San Antonio-Express News contacted Jeret Peña, a friend of the petition-creator, Robbie Rodgers, in order to get to the bottom of this hilarious, yet upsetting situation.

The essential point of the petition? “Watching Austin get credit for making San Antonio symbols trendy is truly insulting to the city and its people, considering it is garnering profit,” he told San Antonio-Express.

The thing is that he’s right — by marketing Austin as the breakfast taco capital of the world, with San Antonio in relatively short distance by Texas standards, all of that breakfast taco tourism goes directly to the city of Austin, not San Antonio. It seems silly, but it does come down to simple city tourism and how it boosts the local economy, which matters.