Austin Chipotle Employee Turned Model Discovered on the Job

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On August 10th, at a north Austin Chipotle restaurant, the life of restaurant worker, Remington Williams changed forever. According to the Austin 360 website, Williams was washing dishes when a talent scout for a modeling agency spotted her and saw supermodel potential under a layer of soap scum and burrito morsels in the back of the restaurant. The talent scout asked Williams if she’d ever considered modeling and the graphic design student at Austin Community College responded with shock and disbelief. The next thing she knew, she was whisked off to Paris Fashion Week and was walking in the runway shows of Calvin Klein and Marc Jacobs.

From Dishwasher to Runway Walker


Photo: Flickr/Mike Mozart

For the talent scout, Tanni Foreman, of Foreman Management, Williams’ supermodel look was evident immediately…despite her uniform and dishpan hands. “She’s wearing this Chipotle uniform — T-shirt, hat, pants,” Foreman said. “With me, when I see a potential model, I can tell really quickly, I can see in their face if they’ve got what it takes.”

Normally the agencies have more time to develop the girls before Fashion Week and be gently introduced to the industry,” said Foreman, who spent time with Williams in both New York and London showing her the ropes. “She was kind of thrown into the madness of it.”

That’s a Wrap!

Chipotle employee

Photo: Facebook/makeupandaccessories

For now, Williams, who was dubbed by Vogue as “Fashion Week’s buzziest model,” seems to be embracing the madness. She posted a photo of herself on Instagram earlier this week with the Eiffel Tower in the background and the caption “Paris is the most magical place I’ve ever seen. I never want to leave!”

“She went from scrubbing pots at Chipotle to meeting designers at Fashion Week. Her work ethic is so strong, she’s grateful for everything,” Foreman said. “That’s my favorite part of this business. I love finding somebody and changing their life.”