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Austin City Limits Steps Up Its Game This Year

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The Austin City Limits Music Festival is a truly epic experience every year. The line-up of musicians aims to please a variety of musical tastes and demographics. The festival has evolved over the years in a number of ways and this year was no different. Here are a few things we’ve noticed that have changed for the better, along with a couple of things we wish might change.

1. Space

Photo: Donald Minnis

It is no secret that ACL has grown in popularity so much that the festival was able to offer two weekends a few years back. This is evidence of the vast number of people that want to attend. Despite offering two weekends, the festival is still very crowded, particularly during the cooler evening hours when some of the biggest names in music headline. To meet space needs and to reduce noise bleed, the festival actually expanded its boundary this year. This requires crossing a street to go from one side to the other, but it’s a closed street during the festival. This also meant adding food and drink options across the street. Not a bad addition.

2. Security

ACLPhoto: Donald Minnis

This year, security measures were increased. In the face of recent violence at large events, we have seen an increase in security at other events. We were pleased to see this at ACL as well. The lines took longer to navigate, but all for the purpose of thorough bag checks, metal detectors, and pat downs. We are happy to spend an extra few minutes assuring the safety of festival goers and hope that everyone in attendance was kind to those working hard in the heat to assure our safety.

3. Bathrooms

Photo: Donald Minnis

While perhaps a strange thing to add to the list, the bathrooms by in large were a step above your average port-a-potty. The toilet paper remained stocked and toilets flushed! This was a welcome change to the standard port-a-potty in years past.

Of course, there are always things that could be improved upon. While festival organizers smartly moved the festival from September to October years ago, the temperatures during the day are sometimes still ferocious. Adding more structures for shade would be a welcome change. In the meantime, we’ll dream of one of these fabulous ACL sunsets and wait around for next year!