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Austin Dog Gets National Attention For Hanging Out on His Roof

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Justin and Allie Lindemuth live in a hilly neighborhood in Austin where people are known to stop and take a photo of their home and laugh – it’s not every day that you see a dog hanging out on a roof!

Huckleberry, the Lindemuth’s sweet golden retriever, began jumping onto their roof when he was only 9-months-old. He loves to sit up there and survey his neighborhood with a grin on his face.

From the front yard, it can look like he’s gotten himself into a predicament, but video from KVUE shows that Huckleberry isn’t somehow leaping 10 feet into the air to get to his roof. The backyard of the home comes almost all the way to the beginning of the roof due to a big hill, so Huck can jump right up with ease.

Since many people were worried after spotting a golden retriever on their roof, the Lindemuth’s framed a small sign outside of their front door that reads, “We appreciate your concern but please do not knock on our door… we know he’s up there!”

Now that Huckleberry is getting national attention, those with photos of the pup are encouraged to use the hashtag #hucktheroofdog to share their pics of Huck with the world.

And this is how it happens, friends #hucktheroofdog

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