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Opening Weekend for an Austin Drive-In Theater Deemed a Success

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The Blue Starlite Mini Urban Drive-In started in east Austin and eventually moved to the Mueller area, but rising property values pushed the contemporary drive-in theater out. Now, they’ve opened up a brand new location with an old-Austin feel on Lowden Lane near Manchaca. “The New Blue Starlite is very excited to be a part of the Super South Austin Scene that is a truly special place for those who have discovered it,” they write on their Facebook page.

The owner and creator of Blue Starlite, Josh Frank, spoke with KXAN and explained that it took 20-hour work days to get the theater ready in time. The new location has a “summer camp feel” to it, and the screen will treat guests to 15 movies every month.

People are welcome to either drive up in their car to watch the film, or they can park and set up a spot with a lawn chair in front. If you arrive early enough to rent them before they’re sold out, you can get vintage radio speaker to have in your car. But KXAN explains that most people simply tune in to hear the film through their FM radio. Reservations are recommended and can be made here.