Austin Dubbed One of the Smartest Cities in the U.S.

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As the fastest growing city in America, Austin has added “the Silicon Valley of the South” to their list of monikers along with “the live music capital of the world.” National Geographic recently published an article stating that Austin is “one of America’s smartest cities” due to its support of entrepreneurs, development of green space, love for history and ability to adapt and change.

“Austin has attracted a slew of start-ups, 6,000 high-tech companies, and a billion dollars in annual investments that keep the city’s creative culture and productive potential on the rise,” National Geographic says. The article reads like a love note, carefully unpacking all of the aspects of Austin that give the Texas city all of its vibrant personality and uniqueness.

This isn’t the first time that Austin has been praised for its intelligence this year. Analysts from WalletHub put together data regarding level and quality of education in major cities. Austin-Round Rock ranked number nine on the list while the next Texas city cluster, Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington, didn’t come in until number 71. More details on which Texas cities ranked the lowest and highest in categories like “lowest number of high school diploma holders” and “smallest racial gap in education obtainment” can be found here.