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Austin Officials Say E-Cigarettes Are Now Banned From Use in Public

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Fox 7 reports that starting on May 22nd, a new Austin city ordinance will ban people from using e-cigarettes in non-smoking areas. Last Thursday, the city council voted to outlaw vaping in public places like stores, restaurants, and offices, joining surrounding cities like Georgetown, Round Rock, and San Marcos with the new rule.

Since the FDA reported that carcinogens and toxic materials were found in e-cigarette vapor, officials have raised an eyebrow to its use in public. Also, findings show that people are in fact exposed to nicotine from second-hand vapor when someone is vaping close by using an e-vape liquid that contains nicotine.

Charlie Hodge, the president of the Texas E-Cigarette and Vaping Association isn’t a fan of the new ordinance. He told KXAN that the ordeal is “like a witch hunt,” and he says that the new rule could discourage people from using vaping to help them quit smoking since some people use the e-vape liquid without nicotine to try to kick the habit. But Council Member Ora Houston maintains, “All this does is just ban vaping in the same places that you can’t smoke now.”

Breaking the new rule could result in a fine of up to $2,000.