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Austin Firefighters Rescue a Kitten Trapped on the Side of US-183

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On Monday evening near the Braker exit off of US-183, Karin Sanchez spotted a tiny gray kitten cowering along the short barrier of the highway, terrified of the rushing cars. KXAN says Sanchez immediately dialed 911, hoping to get help for the poor kitty. Thankfully, the Austin Fire Department quickly came to the rescue!

“The best part is not a single person made me feel crazy or like a kitten on a highway wasn’t important. They just came out and picked her up like it was part of their every day job,” Sanchez said. She’s now fostering the little cat whose only injury is a scrape on her nose that will heal. The lucky kitten will grow up to be a gorgeous gray cat!

AFD was pleased to be of service. They posted on their Facebook page that Sanchez did the right thing by giving them a call because helping people and creatures is what they do best! Plus, as they explained, the area where the kitten was trapped is “one of the busiest in the city; speeds can easily top 75 mph when traffic is moving,” so certainly no one should have attempted to pick up the kitten on their own.