A Man in Austin Threw a Party With a Kiddie Pool Full of Nachos

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For Trini Martinez’s 23rd birthday, he decided to go all out and make a kiddie pool sized bowl of nachos. The size of the bounty screamed, “Everything’s bigger in Texas!” and the enthusiasm of the people devouring it seemed to say, “Keep Austin Weird.” reports that “Martinez had [a kiddie pool] special-ordered then started on his grocery list: 25 bags of chip, 20 pounds of beans, 6 gallons of queso and 30 pounds of pico de gallo.” Video from Insider showed a huge pot of queso poured on the chips along with a smattering of lettuce and a big bag of sour cream dumped right in the middle.

Nacho connoisseurs might take one look at these chips and fear that they would get too soggy or that the party snack might get too unsanitary for anyone’s liking. Despite the worrying logistics, Martinez said that it was surprisingly tasty and everyone seemed pleased with their serving of kiddie pool nachos.

“I’ve never had a birthday party before, so for it have this amount of attention is insane. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to top it,” Martinez told