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San Antonio to Austin Bullet Train Could Only Take 15 Minutes

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Traveling from San Antonio to Austin usually takes about an hour and thirty minutes of driving, mostly on I-35. Now, a San Antonio company says they could build a bullet train that would rush passengers between the two cities in only 15 minutes!

Transonic Transportation hopes to develop a $10 ride called the “San Antonio-Austin Hyperloop” that will race along at 600 miles per hour. So far, they’re still brainstorming and developing, though they do have a one-mile stretch in Mississippi for test runs and a development site in San Antonio.

The company isn’t sure whether this train, which would reach the same speed as a commercial airliner, will be above or below ground. Of course, the train won’t rocket up to 600 mph too quickly. Transonic Transportation wants their vessel to move 6,000 to 12,000 people an hour comfortably.

KVUE reports that CEO Joshua Manriquez stated, “We really feel, maybe not to have an operating system in 10 years, but at the very least we could be picking a contract and breaking ground in 10 years.”

Figuring out all of the obvious logistics along with maintaining functionality in the Texas heat will keep the company busy for years to come, but this is definitely something to keep your eye on for the future.