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Experts Saying Austin to San Antonio Next Major ‘Megaregion’

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By using commuter data, researchers Garrett Dash Nelson and Alasdair Rae have determined that Austin and San Antonio qualify as a ‘megaregion’. According to The Week, megaregions are characterized as “big networks of cities, suburbs, small towns, and states could span anywhere from 100 to 600 miles, and were often linked by infrastructure like commuter rail lines or interstate highways.” Nelson and Rae say that looking at data from the U.S. Census Bureau has helped them see the significance of the “economic geography” of the San Antonio and Austin megaregion.

Though it seems obvious that the two cities are very connected, the research shows that Austin-San Antonio could potentially start looking like the Dallas-Fort Worth region in the future. According to Culturemap Austin, some people say that we’ll see a DFW-like shift around 2025, while others maintain that Austin-San Antonio will never be as tightknit as DFW.

Though Nelson and Rae stand behind their research, they think that further study needs to be done before predicting the future. “We believe the megaregions we identify are a true reflection of the economic geography of the United States, but of course they need to be tested and validated in the real world for them to have real use,” Culturemap quoted Rae.