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Austin Store Featured in Viral Video For Being ‘Trash-Free’

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Buzzfeed offshoot Bring Me which highlights “places that’ll instantly make you say, ‘bring me’” featured a beloved East Austin store called in.gredients, giving the independent neighborhood grocery over 16 million views.

In.gredients was chosen as an object of Buzzfeed’s affection due to its “trash-free” sensibilities. Those who shop at in.gredients take their own reusable containers to fill up with local foods, cooking ingredients and even soap. The result is a fun and garbage-less experience that prevents more waste from piling up on landfills.

Despite the environmental and community minded drive of in.gredients, the store still has to worry about the growth of Austin pushing them out of their home on Manor Road. Earlier this year, they held a successful IndieGoGo campaign to make changes to their infastrcutre in order to keep their doors open for years to come.

Those who don’t want to shop can still come check out the store by grabbing a bite to eat and a beer and taking a seat on their patio. As Erin H. says on Yelp, “Zero waste grocery store. That is an impressive feat in today’s world of plastic wrapped everything. I don’t know how they do it, but props to them for figuring it out…The food is tasty, they have all sorts of drinks – kombucha and tea and wine and such. Live music frequently (and it’s actually good music), almost an entirely fenced in yard with toys for kids.”