Austinites are Erecting Special Patios Called Catios for Feline Friends

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In a report from FOX 7 Austin, Austinite Jenifer Tillerson shows off the newest addition to her home – a $2,500 patio made by a local carpenter for her cats to enjoy. The “catio” features areas for kitties to hide, climb, and enjoy the outdoor air and sunshine. Even Jordan Price from the Travis Audubon Society thinks catios are a fine idea. He says they will allow cats to have safe outdoor time while protecting birds from their grasp. Price even set up a “catio tour” in Austin to promote the idea where all creatures can live in harmony.

It seems that the catio idea has really caught on. A quick Google search brings up many places to buy the structures. Even Bed Bath & Beyond has a “Wooden Outdoor Cat House” for sale for $430 that can either attach to one’s house via a cat door, or it can stand alone out in the yard. The website can also give cat owners more ideas for outdoor enclosures for their pet. Their structures include catwalks and are custom built to fit perfectly within one’s yard, even providing the ability to completely enclose a small yard so kitties can prowl with protection.