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Austin’s Drive-In Theater to Relocate to Buda Instead of Closing

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Austin’s rapid growth has pushed many small and niche businesses to permanently close. The Blue Starlite Mini Urban Drive-In theater wants to break that trend and open up in nearby Buda, Texas.

In order to make way for a new development, Blue Starlite found out they were being forced out of their 51st street location in Austin. But their new spot in Hays County will allow the drive-in to spread out and keep growing during the 10-year lease they’ve already secured.

Seven years ago, the theater opened, “squeezing about a dozen cars a night into an alleyway off East First Street. Back then, the screen was painted onto the side of a brick wall. The drive-in has been at Austin Studios for the past two and a half years,” writes the Statesman.

KXAN reports that the new location will open on February 17th for their Harry Potter Film Fest. Guests will enjoy a bigger screen, better speakers, bathrooms and they’ll even be able to stay overnight if they choose to take part in “Camp Starlite.”

The Buda Blue Starlite is only about 20 minutes away from downtown Austin.