The Texas Hill Country is an Author’s Paradise

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The time has come to write the book you’ve been dreaming about. If you could escape the hullabaloo in life for a week or two, you’d pen that bestseller tome and make a million dollars. Go ahead. Take a break. Do it. Okay, now that you’ve decided to become a literary millionaire, where is the ideal place to create your masterpiece? In the Texas Hill Country, of course—where respite and concepts await.

Inspired to write a Who Dun It?



Go tent camping in the Hill Country area. Become your character, and pretend he is alone. He’s often traveled unaccompanied, but this time it is different. The hero is running from law officials who think he committed a murder. He plans to find the true criminal and clear his name, but he must go into hiding while he does it.



At night fall, nature sounds play with his imagination. The rustling nearby is a small animal, right? Wait! Is that shadow a person? With teeth clenched to keep chattering at bay, he listens. Noises subside and your hero dozes off—his pistol at the ready.

In the early morning, the star of your book awakens. He steps outside to build a breakfast fire and finds a body not far from the tent. Rain and fog surround the dead guy. Will the rain wash away those footprints leading into the trees? Uh oh! Should he call authorities?  If he does, will your hero become a suspect? Have the criminals found him and are trying to further incriminate him? The possibilities for this story are limitless.

With the charm and mystique of the Texas Hill Country, inspiration will hit for the perfect mystery thriller. If a tent or secluded cabin is the place you need to write your mystery, check out the list on these other Texas Hill Country websites:

Prefer Romance?


No, you say, scary thrillers aren’t your thing, but a hot-sizzling romance comes to mind. The Texas Hill Country provides every kind of dreamy getaway to envision your story. Place your young, beautiful heroine in a bed and breakfast where she meets a divine massage therapist. Take her to a winery and have her fall in love with the widowed owner and young son. Romance always has a happy ending, but the girl must break up with the guy somewhere in the middle of the story. The vineyard owner loves his inherited family land and your heroine believes he prefers his career and business to her, so she decides to forget him and head back east.

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