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Austin Pets Alive Thrift: Thrifting for a Cause

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There’s a new thrift store in Austin! Sure, Austin has no shortage of thrift stores and vintage apparel, but, wait! This one is special. It’s a thrift store that benefits Austin Pets Alive, Austin’s highly successful pet adoption program. Austin Pets Alive pulls animals from shelters likely to be euthanized and breathes new hope into pets that otherwise would stand little chance of life. Their program has served as a model for other cities eager to curb the pet overpopulation crisis and high euthanasia rates. Many cities across Texas have record-breaking numbers of homeless pets, and animals in shelters are most typically euthanized because the number of homeless animals greatly exceeds the number of loving homes available.

Photo: Facebook/Austin Pets Alive! Thrift

Austin Pets Alive hosts a number of fund-raising events throughout the year and city residents remain loyal to the program that sees so many pets through crisis to rehabilitate and rehome them into loving families.

Austin Pets AlivePhoto: Facebook/Austin Pets Alive! Thrift

Austin Pets Alive Thrift is the newest way that the organization is raising funds for needy animals. Having made its debut this month, you can find Austin Pets Alive Thrift at 5801 Burnet Rd. in Austin, TX. For many, this is a no-brainer. Shopping, thrifting, and supporting a local charity? Perfect!

Photo: Facebook/Austin Pets Alive! Thrift

While you are at it, go ahead and check out the Austin Pets Alive! Thrift Facebook page as well to learn about upcoming events, sales, and others way to support their program. And, as Bob Barker always did such a great job of reminding us, please be sure to spay and neuter your pets! It is healthy for them as it prevents certain cancers, and helps prevent unwanted litters of puppies and kittens, among other pets! We look forward to seeing you at the thrift store!