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Female-Friendly Touch is Changing the Auto Care Landscape in Texas

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Female-friendly and auto care are two concepts that may not always go hand-in-hand, but Honest 1-Auto Care is setting out to change that mindset. Founded in 2003, the Arizona-based company offers a full-service automotive repair and maintenance services with a female touch, and Carrollton, Texas is getting its newest franchise.

Over the past decade women, entrepreneurs have grown by leaps in bounds in various business ventures, and the auto industry is no stranger to this rapid growth. According to an article by Entrepreneur, “…the numbers tell a story of rapid change: Between 2011 and 2017, female franchise ownership jumped by 83 percent, while male ownership increased by only 13 percent. That’s according to FranNet, a company that matches individuals with franchise opportunities.” Honest-1 Auto shop in Carrollton, Texas is the latest opening of this female-friendly franchise “…bringing back customer confidence and trust in the automotive repair industry.”

Women Entrepreneurs 

Honest-1 Smita

Photo: Facebook/H1Carrollton

Husband and wife duo, Tiku and Smita Patel, recently opened their first Honest-1 Auto Shop, joining the ranks of other female franchise owners who pride themselves on their “…honesty, customer service, and high safety checks.”

With a background in hospitality, Smita was intrigued by the opportunity to own a franchise in the auto industry. “As a female, I always dreaded when I had to take my car in for service,” shared Smita. “I felt like I was taken advantage of because I didn’t know the terminology, and just not an overall good experience.” The Honest-1 Auto franchise intrigued Smita and her husband because its very women-friendly with an upscale lobby, complimentary refreshments, and even a kids’ play area. Catering to create a “female-friendly” environment was important to Smita and her husband.

Taking note of the negative aspects and turning them into a positive is what sets this franchise apart from the rest. With a keen eye for setting out a welcoming atmosphere, Smita shared what you can expect as you walk in the door. “We take you back and show you exactly what’s wrong with your car. We don’t try to sell you anything you don’t need,” shared Smita.

Typically a male-dominated field, Honest-1 Auto prides itself in encouraging women to apply. “Women can do the same job as their male counterparts, they have the same skills, and training,” shared Smita. “We definitely promote that here to give them the opportunity to highlight those skills.” Smita goes on to share that customers have been really supported, and there haven’t been any challenges or negative reactions. “They think its really neat to see a female tech working on their car.”

“Every customer is treated with respect,” shared Smita. “Having your car worked on is not one of the most enjoyable things to do so we are trying to make it more enjoyable for the customer.” Staying strong, believing in yourself, and working as a team is advice Smita would give to anyone considering a career in not just this field but any dreams of owning a business you may have.

The Female Auto Technician

Auto Care

Photo: Courtesy of Honest-1 Auto Care

In their quest to empower, support, and provide the atmosphere for women technicians to flourish you will find Tiffany Delbosque as she highlights her talents for not only working on cars but provides the customer the information they need to understand the repair process and walk away feeling empowered themselves knowing their car is in good hands.

Changing the stereotype of who an auto-technician can be ranked high on this auto shop’s agenda. Delbosque shares the challenges the job presents is what encouraged her to go into the automotive field. Learning her skills early on in high school, Delbosque set the path in motion for her career ahead. “At first it did scare me, but as I finally learned how to do little things at a time it became more intriguing,” shares Delbosque. “There was never a day that was the same, everything comes all at once, and you have to be prepared for it.”

Delbosque has been an auto technician for about four years, recently joining Honest-1 Auto Care in Carrollton, Texas. What would a day in the life of an auto technician look like? Delbosque goes on to share it’s a very detail-oriented job. “What I enjoy is that you actually get to meet and talk to the customer and show them what parts need repair, what can help the safety of their vehicle on the road.” A teamwork aspect is what draws Delbosque to her work at Honest-1.

Although challenges are a normal part of any job, the stereotype of women not being able to tackle the job of an auto technician is not something Delbosque has let stand in her way. “I’ve always felt different about that. It’s overcoming obstacles and knowing you can work on engines and be just as fast little by little.” shared Delbosque. “I’ve gained a lot of respect for being a female tech and that means a lot to me.”

Don’t be scared and actually go for those jobs not normally seen as female-friendly, is advice Delbosque has for other females going into the business. “You have to trust your instincts. It’s more of a learning curve and you want to bring back to the table just as much as the guys teaching you. You’re only human once and everyone should be treated equally.”

Honest-1 Auto Care


Photo: Facebook/H1Carrollton

“Honest-1, a national full-service auto care company, is passionate about putting customers first. Its customer-centric, transparent approach assures every customer is thoroughly educated on the systems and services necessary to keep their vehicles in the best running condition. Honest-1 was ranked No. 1 in its category on Entrepreneur magazine’s 2017 ‘Franchise 500’ and ranked #241 overall. Honest-1 also placed #32 on the 2017 Franchise Times Fast & Serious list, making it the only automotive on the list of 40 fastest growing franchise brands,” shares Franchising.com.

Beautiful lobby’s, an internet cafe, a children’s play area, a shuttle service, and sleek alternatives to the greasy auto shops of the past (where you wouldn’t dare go to the bathroom even) are all a part of their offering. The tide is definitely turning in the direction of more female-empowered businesses offering the knowledge and experience that make a great business with happy customers and inspired employees a reality instead of just an afterthought. Smita and Tiffany are definitely two modern-day superwomen breaking the barriers of what females in the entrepreneurial world can aspire to as they change the landscape in their field.

For more information, visit http://www.honest-1.com. For franchise information please visit, http://www.h1franchise.com.