Avoiding Deadly Roadway Dangers as You Travel Texas This Summer

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Living in Texas, we are fortunate enough to enjoy spending time outdoors more than people in other parts of the country. With summer almost officially here, we can expect more parties, festivals, community events, and even some epic summer vacation travel plans.

When school is out, and there’s saved up vacation days just waiting to be used up, there are few things more exciting than packing up the car and hitting the road. Whether you’re heading to Marfa to see Big Bend National Park, or to Dallas to do some sightseeing and catch a Rangers game, you’re sure to make some unforgettable summertime memories.

Avoiding Roadway Dangers


The Reality of Roadway Dangers

While driving to your destinations is the most convenient and cost-effective way to get around, it can also be the most dangerous. According to the latest data by the Texas Department of Transportation, there were fatal crashes every day in 2016, and a majority of them had 100 percent fatalities.

Some of the highest fatality rates occurred during the summer months and during the weekends or around the summer holidays.

Every Texan knows that traffic congestion is a major issue and it can be a contributing factor in dozens of accidents each year. Weather, distracted drivers, road rage, animals crossing the road, road construction, and even just “bad” drivers are also responsible for a handful of accidents in Texas.

Avoiding Roadway Dangers

Alcohol Continues To Be A Significant Factor In Accidents

One of the biggest roadway dangers continues to be drivers under the influence of alcohol. Drunk drivers are responsible for thousands of accidents in Texas every year. While not every accident has fatal consequences, accidents can result in physical injuries and emotional trauma.

All throughout Texas, there are plenty of unique opportunities to explore distilleries, wineries, and enjoy a local craft beer. These types of businesses help boost local economies while providing a good time for the people who visit. No business owner wants to see their patrons walk out the door and get behind the wheel of a car while impaired, but we know that it happens every day.

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