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Award Winning Author Comes to the Texas Hill Country

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Johnnie Bernhard, an award-winning author and Texas literary agent, is coming to Kerrville, Texas in December. She’s holding a workshop and will be teaching all of you how to get your book published. You will not want to miss this amazing seminar. This will be her 1st of an annual workshop held for wannabe published authors.

johnnie-bernhardPhoto: Judi Altman

Bernhard is a former AP English and literature teacher. Her work has appeared in newspapers and magazines around the world. Not only has she written books, she’s also written many articles and columns. She is also the author of two anthologies.

Bernhard has chosen the beautiful Texas Hill Country town of Kerrville to hold this great course. It’ll be held in the lovely Kerrville Arts and Cultural Center December 9-10, 2016. She is going to teach you everything you need to know to help finally get that book of yours published. You know the one…you spent hours on it, then stuffed it in a drawer somewhere. It’s time to get it out, dust it off, and bring it with you. Let 2017 be that year your work gets published!

This course can and will change your life. It’s informative, comical, and inspiring. Johnnie knows all of the ins and outs, and the many secrets to getting published. She is delighted to share those with you, she wants you to succeed, and she’s not charging an enormous fee for it.

For a fee of $80 per person, you will gain access to an entire 2-day workshop and pitch session. It is well worth the investment.  Now, if you just want to attend the workshop, you can do that for only $55 (per person). The pitch session for $25. But in the writing world, we inspire each other to “Go Big or GO HOME!” You will not want to miss out on one minute of Johnnie Bernhard’s workshop.

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