An Adorable Baby Anteater Was Born in the Houston Zoo

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The Houston Zoo recently welcomed an adult gorilla from the Denver Zoo, but now they have an even newer resident that was born into the zoo family, a baby giant anteater named Rio.

Giant anteater pups like to ride on their mother’s back, and little Rio is no exception. Rio has been attached to his mother, Olive, since birth so officials haven’t determined its sex just yet. Pups will ride on their mother’s back for nearly a year.

For now, Olive is toting Rio around with no problem. She gave birth on September 3rd, and the pup’s father is named Pablo. According to the San Diego Zoo, giant anteaters are generally solitary creatures, but they bond to raise a family. Female anteaters usually give birth to one baby that “has a full coat of hair and is almost identical to the adult.”

Sadly, pups have a high mortality rate during the first few months of their life, but the Houston Zoo and Olive will keep a close eye on Rio. Olive will know if Rio is under any stress since pups are known to “let out a shrill, high-pitched grunt” if they’re upset while giant anteater adults are generally very quiet.