Dallas Zoo’s Baby Elephant Loves its First Playtime in the Pool

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The Dallas Zoo proved that they how to make one cute viral-worthy video by posting a minute-long vid of their baby elephant playing in the water.

Two-month old Ellie Boy can teach us all a thing or two about how to cool down and enjoy the summer. In the video that could last for half an hour and still be adorable, Ellie Boy slips and slides around a kiddie pool and plays with the stream from a water hose.

We’re thankful that zoos know they should keep the cameras rolling on baby animals at all times, or we might have missed this wrinkly, darling elephant having the time of its life.

DallasZooTube said, “As he grows, so will his inflatable pool. And we promise to share all the videos!” We’re already early awaiting the next one. Maybe it will co-star Ellie Boy’s mom, Mlilo.