This Baby Gets Crazy Excited When She Sees Her Pet Cat

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People who love cats know that just catching a glimpse of a cute kitty is enough to break out into a smile. In a new viral video, a baby absolutely goes nuts with joy when she sees the family pet come into view over her crib. Adding to the ridiculous cuteness bursting from the video is the baby’s outfit that makes her look like a living pillow! The baby’s happiness will have you sharing in her excitement, too.

The video, recently picked up by The Dodo has about 78K views, and YouTube commenters are loving it. “I’m 36 and I still pretty much act like that when I see any animal lol,” writes tartsonawire. Black Opal wrote, “oh my god this video was so gosh darn cute. I’m not a kid person at all but this is the cutest, sweetest baby ever. Aww, the baby’s wide eyed expression was just adorable.” Even if you’re not a “kid person,” being an “animal person” is enough to hit replay a couple of times.

If you find yourself wanting to watch more cat/baby videos, check out this post from funnyplox where cats are introduced to babies for the first time. Some of them don’t know quite what to think, but they’re all very interested to meet their new human pal.