Baby Hates Pickle, But Can’t Stop Eating It

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The McAllisters started their YouTube channel to chronicle special moments with their son, Mason. Usually, their videos have around 50-100 views, but recently one video, in particular, has gained a lot of attention. The clip of Mason trying a pickle for the first time has over 25,000 views!

As viewers, we get to experience a fun first with baby Mason, but it seems like he doesn’t know quite what to think about a sour pickle yet. “Is that good?” his mom asks, but Mason can only grimace…and then put the pickle right back into his mouth.

Years from now, the McAllisters will be able to pull out this video to show Mason the time his reaction delighted viewers across the world. Perhaps then he’ll be able to tell us if he actually likes pickles or not.

Apparently, many parents have kept a camera rolling on their child while they tried a pickle for the first time. There are quite a few videos of perplexed pickle-eating babies on YouTube. The look of curiosity and disgust is similar to the popular videos of babies trying lemons, but it seems like the pickles might have a few more fans than an extremely sour lemon.