Watch This Precious Baby’s Daily Early Morning Routine

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This baby might only be five months old, but he already has a rather consistent morning routine down. And it’s absolutely adorable. In a video posted by KPtheBaby on April 6th, baby Kaden is shown on multiple mornings throwing his arms up in the arm for a big, long stretch after his parent un-swaddles him. Incredibly, the video was only posted last week, but it has reached 734,771 views on YouTueb already. BoredPanda writes that the video has spread even further on Facebook with over 12 million views!

Kaden is Kent Siri’s infant, who assures everyone that Kaden does, in fact, like to be wrapped up in a blanket despite the victorious arm formation he assumes after being “released.” “Kaden LOVES being swaddled. It provides him comfort and security when he sleeps. As many clinical professionals can attest, swaddling is very much a pediatrician-recommended method for soothing babies when they sleep,” the loving parent writes on YouTube, hopefully quelling any worry about the baby so people can just get back to enjoying the cuteness that is Kaden. And it already looks like he has quite the fanbase, “Will you please do a 24 hour live stream of KP doing this? I will round up the fan club – this is CUTE,” YouTube commenter Angee Casiano wrote.