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Baby New Year: San Antonio Welcomes First Baby of 2018

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The term “Baby New Year” is the embodiment or representation of the start of a New Year. Commonly found in cartoons or editorials, a drawing of an actual baby that symbolizes the “birth” of a new year can subsequently be found on January 1 of any given year. Varying by myth, the purpose of Baby New Year is generally to act as a ceremonial recognition of the start of something new, and the chronicling of the year’s events as the baby “ages.” In Texas, as in many other states, the actual birth of new year babies is chronicled in the news and excitedly reported like the joyous words that they should be. It’s the start of something new for all of us, and for this new little one’s life!

For 2018, New Year’s babies were announced in Houston and San Antonio, as they were in many other cities and regions throughout the Lone Star State. But, San Antonio, it appears, has an actual yearly competition of sorts amongst its medical centers for bragging rights on having the first baby born on January 1. That’s why Northeast Baptist Hospital can proudly don the title this year, with the birth of Sergio Marcel Gomez to proud parents Sergio Gomez and wife Alicia Andrews.

Born at 12:22 a.m. on Monday, January 1, little Sergio weighed seven pounds and 9 ounces, and he slept peacefully through the news conference announcing his birth. As proud parents of the first baby being born into this new year in the area, they will receive several donations, among them diapers, a baby carrier, gift cards, and even a $10,000 University of the Incarnate Word scholarship for beautiful little Sergio. It’s a wonderful way to welcome in a new year by ushering a sweet and innocent life into the world, and many good wishes are sent to the Gomez/Andrews family for their beautiful bundle of joy!

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