Baby With ‘Pierced’ Dimple Sparks Big Debate on Social Media

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When Enedina Vance posted a photo of her baby with a “pierced” dimple on Facebook she wanted to spark up a discussion, and needless to say, it worked. Once the viewer realizes that it’s Photoshopped, it becomes rather obvious, but at first, some people were appalled, believing the dimple piercing to be real. According to ABC 13, Vance even received death threats over the doctored photo of her 6-month-old.

USA Today quotes commenters as saying Vance is an “’abusive and an unfit mother.’ Another woman told her to ‘get hit by a car,’ after saying, ‘I called CPS and made a police report against you for child endangerment and child abuse!’”

If you’ve seen the photo floating around social media without Vance’s caption, rest assured that the piercing is 100 percent fake. Vance’s hashtags on the post along with a follow-up post make it evident that she wanted to start up a debate about piercing babies’ ears and circumcision. Her caption originally read, “It looks so cute, right?!! I just know she’s gonna love it!! …Its NOT abuse!! If it was, it would be illegal, but it’s not. People pierce their babies everyday, this is no different.” She followed up her facetious tirade with #sarcasm and #bodyintegrity, letting people know she was aiming for a bigger point.

Now commenters are sharing her post in agreement, while others are jumping in to debate Vance’s cause. Her photo has over 14,600 shares.