This Backyard Shed Has a Surprising Built-In Feature

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When one man decided he wanted a backyard shed, he decided to get creative with the features and this is amazing.

On Instructables, user wyldestyle posted his DIY project of creating a backyard shed for gardening tools and the like. However, his project has one imperceptible feature: it’s a climbable structure. As he states, “For the climbing style, it is basically ledges that you can hang on like bouldering (no ropes). On the more solid wood, you can even screw some climbing holds to make it easier.”

The project was actually crafted from wood scraps, pallets, and leftover materials from renovating his home. The user wanted to completely use up those leftovers so this 13-foot by 9-foot shed was perfect.

You can see how the shed is climbable in the up-close shots, showing how the ledges are pushed out just enough to grip. The overhang of the roof even works as a practice in defying gravity with the hand hooks secured.

This backyard shed is the perfect way to incorporate necessity and hobby into one structure that not only works as storage, but enables him to get outside and practice his craft that much more.