Texas Family’s Backyard Taken Over by Baby Bobcats

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In the morning and early evening, Steve Garvin of Plano peeks out into his backyard and searches for a family of five that he didn’t exactly invite to live with him. Surprisingly, Garvin’s backyard is currently home to five wild bobcats!

“They’re pretty docile, so to speak. But they’re still wild animals… It’s like Jurassic Park here. You don’t know what’s gonna happen each day,” he told 12 News.

Of course, the day that the news crew came out to film the bobcats, they were nowhere to be found. In true cat form, they couldn’t be bothered with human expectations, but Garvin and his family have caught the wild feline family on film many times. Some of their friends even request invites anytime the bobcats are over so they can watch the cubs that Garvin’s 12-year-old son Cooper has named “Timmy, Jackson, Nicole, and Sasha.”

Garvin plans on calling Animal Control at one point since baby bobcats obviously grow up to become bigger problems, but for now, he’s keeping his unlikely yardmates. Even though the family dog is rather small and they must pay close attention to ensure its safety, they also can’t help but enjoy the incredibly cute cubs.

To contact a licensed wildlife rehabilitator in your area: call the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department Wildlife Information Line at 1-800-792-1112.