A Bacon-Wrapped Jalapeno Popper – Because You Can, That’s Why!

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If the winter weekday “blahs” have taken a hold of you, you need a nighttime appetizer fix that will send some sizzle your way. A bacon-wrapped jalapeno popper might be just the thing! And making them at home isn’t as hard as it looks.

Shared by Dinner at the Zoo, this recipe makes 12 servings. That’s more than enough for you and the family… or just you if you’re feeling particularly peckish! It covers three ingredients we in Texas seem to love in heaps – jalapeno peppers, cheese, and bacon. This particular food blog states that they dip these zesty snacks in some ranch dip, but in truth, a jalapeno popper tastes great on its own in a pinch! These little numbers can be baked ahead of time, so you can simply pop them out of the fridge when you’re ready to heat-and-eat. Pro-tip on this recipe: don’t opt for thick-cut bacon. Your goal is to nicely wrap these babies in a comforting blanket of bacon love, not swaddle them to death. Thicker bacon cuts won’t allow for the kind of flexibility you’ll need, and although you may think that more is better, it may detract from a great finished product.


A Bacon-Wrapped Jalapeno Popper – Because You Can, That’s Why!

Key ingredients for this recipe include:

Jalapeno peppers

Cream cheese



The Dinner at the Zoo blog has shared the full ingredient list, preparations and cooking instructions, and any added details you might like when making these tender morsels of cheese cradled in jalapeno and tucked in with a piece of your favorite part of a pig. There are no mincing words here – this is a gem of a snack. And it’s versatile. You can use this recipe to impress guests at the house, or you can squirrel them away for your family for a fun night in! There’s no telling how many times you’ll make use of it. Perhaps bookmark the recipe for safe keeping! The next time winter comes knocking, and you feel the need for a salty, hot, gooey mouthful of your favorite pepper, you’ll have just the ticket to tempt your taste buds out of their seasonal slumber. Enjoy!