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This Mexican Bakery Made Countless Loaves of Bread for Harvey Victims

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At an El Bolillo Bakery location in Houston, four bakers were trapped for two days inside of the store while the storm raged outside. To keep their minds off of the turmoil and to do something good for their community, the men decided to get to work baking. The Independent reports that the Mexican bakers worked day and night to bake bread and pan dulce. Though they didn’t count the number of loaves they were able to make, they know they used 4,400 pounds of flour!

On their Instagram page, El Bolillo Bakery posted on Wednesday that all of their locations would be open, selling as much bread and baked goods as they could despite the fact that many of their employees couldn’t make it into work yet due to the flooding.

El Bolillo employees are happy to see that their Harvey story has spread, and they hope it encourages others to reach out, as well. “Our small story of positivity has gone viral… Proof that everyone’s effort is important and makes a difference. Continue spreading and doing good in this country. The response of support is incredible, everyone here feeling the love from the comments, sharing and the giving. Incredible,” they wrote on Instagram.