Baking Cookies On Your Dash: Just How Hot Does It Get in Texas?

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You’ve often heard it said during summer (and even springtime) in Texas that it’s “hot enough to fry an egg on the sidewalk.” The Lone Star State is known for its heat. “While there is no period of terrible weather during the year, the worst time to visit Texas is mostly during the summer as the temperatures are hot, particularly in the semi-arid and arid regions of the state,” says the Weather Atlas website. If you can’t beat the heat, maybe you could at least find a way to enjoy it… like baking cookies on your dash!

That’s right. Although coming to Texas is highly recommended during the shoulder seasons of summer, the months of July and August here in the Lone Star State are prime time for baking… in your car. Howcast, a popular YouTube channel, shared a video in 2009 that has been seen by over 369K people. It’s called, “How to Bake Cookies on Your Car’s Dashboard.” If you pay attention to the tips, the fine print in the video caption, and the Texas temperatures that are sure to spike sometime this year, you too could enjoy some chocolate chip cookie baking right inside your own ride!

Video: YouTube/Howcast

Due to the fact that we’re presently just wrapping up winter and not quite into spring, you’re not going to be able to pull off baking cookies like this any time soon. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t prep for the perfect opportunity for baking cookies on your dash in 2020. It’s called living your best life! Speaking of living your best life, Howcast ensured that viewers were well educated on the potential for salmonella poisoning if this recipe isn’t adhered to strictly with respect to the use of eggs. “Because of the low baking temperature, the eggs in the cookie dough may not cook completely. To reduce your risk of salmonella infection, use dough with pasteurized egg whites, or search online for eggless dough recipes,” they shared on the video post. Do you think you’ll put their recipe to the test? Is it possible to make delicious cookies simply by placing them in the heat of your car or truck as an oven? What else do you think it’s possible to cook as a testament to how hot the Texas summer sun can get?