The Lost Love Story of Bandera [VIDEO]

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Bandera, Texas is known as the “Cowboy Capital of the World.” In a rugged landscape, filled with hills, rivers, and a sprawling lake, the small town of Bandera holds a really big place in the hearts of Texans.

Less than an hour from San Antonio, Bandera reminds us of a different, more authentic era, when a handshake was all the contract you needed, self-reliance was the norm, and chivalry was a given. And, out of this bygone era comes a haunting love story… so real, yet like a dream.

The group Texas Rebellion plays a song of the tale, “Ghost of Bandera,” written by Chuck Osborn and Wes Hendrix. You’ll get chills down your spine. The tale is of a night in Bandera – the honky-tonks, where the music is lively, the dance floor is full, and the beverages are cold.

The Silver Spur and a cowboy bar were legends of that day, and a cowboy fell in love with a Mexican senorita named Alena. He gave his love freely to her, yet, she disappeared the next morning. She had a “spirit as wild as the South Texas wind,” and she was beautiful though fleeting. He woke to realize that the girl he loved was from the past, only passing through this place.