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Mark Your Calendar For This Year’s Barbacoa & Big Red Festival

By  | writes San Antonio’s Barbacoa & Big Red Festival will take place on May 20 at the R&J Music Pavilion (near 281 and 1604). This year’s festivities will be put on by WhatAPartySA & TonyC Enterprises and will bring together favorite local eateries to compete for the best barbacoa and to satisfy everyone’s urge to consume the Texas delicacy of barbacoa and Big Red soda.

In 2015, the Rivard Report wrote a story after the festival’s fifth annual event took place. They quoted founder Robert Morris as saying, “As I grew up, my parents went out and bought barbacoa and Big Red every Sunday. I thought, why not bring the community together over a common San Antonio staple?  So here we are celebrating our culture.”

Overall, the Rivard Report said that people attending the festival were incredibly kind and welcoming, and everyone stayed in good humor as they stuffed themselves with delicious food from vendors who all said the festival has grown in popularity year to year.  The article’s writer, Don Mathis, even felt inspired to pen a poem after attending the fest. In part, it reads:

“Several thousand fans come out to play
to enjoy barbacoa on a Sunday in May.

It’s great to eat the meat from the head
and wash it down with a cold Big Red.

If barbacoa is the sacrament at the R&J Pavilion,
then Big Red must be the holy communion.”

Read the rest of the poem here, and don’t forget to mark your calendar for May 20!